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Today I went to church for the first time in Hamburg! And only the second time since 23rd Feb : (

I'm so glad that I have a fellow Christian Y with me! She did all the online research, and found the International Baptist Church. Apparently they're made up of a very large range of nationalities from all over the world! Service is in English at 12.30pm on Sundays. Checked the website out, it all looks good.

So today we met at the metro, and spent a little extra time trying to find the place. We were a little late, but we got there in the end.

Worship style was very similar to BBTC, that was quite comforting. But it was so cool, they sang the last song Jamaican style, with the somewhat staccato guitar, even the words were a bit cut off. It was a normal song I've sung a million times but for the life of me can't remember right now. And people clapped their hands, swayed a little, that was fun! God's a happy God and loves His people joyful.

During announcements the guy explained that people on stage (ie. Usually pastors during sermon) would be filmed with the big cameras hanging around the side of the stage. But the congregation would never be filmed and it was very important that everyone cooperate on this, especially during the baptism later. This was due to the countries of origin or original religions of some congregation members, in which Christianity is not accepted. For safety, just in case it makes it to social media and then someone spots it. That was truly eye opening, compared to SG where freedom to worship is almost taken for granted.

Four people were baptised, from Namibia and Jamaica and a formerly , couple! (sensitive topic on the web) It was amazing to hear their testimonies and how they came to know the Lord in their different ways. And I began to feel truly the importance of unity in the church, not just the church but the Church of God. We may not know each other, we may come from different lands, speak different languages, have completely different backgrounds, but the uniting factor is love for God.

Sermon on Zechariah 9. Prophecy regarding palm Sunday (today!) cross referencing mainly to Matt and John, and how it was fulfilled. Reminder of how Jesus rode in, a triumphant King into His city Jerusalem, on a humble borrowed beast of burden. This is our God : )

On the way out we met P and ____ (I forgot… oh noooo) accidentally. ___ mistook us for another Chinese person and tried to introduce P, who was in this church for the first time too. Later on of course, all misunderstandings were swept aside. Ukranian and Chinese girls, nurses working with the handicapped and also living together in a room rented from a German family. Only 1 and 2 years older respectively :) Had really good served lunch there, talked a bit. I think I'll go for CG on Tuesday! Yay!

So far this seems like a really good church that maybe I could stay in? I don't think my attendance can be very regular though. I really regret that. I've got so many trips planned. I'll just try my best for Sundays, and then go for cell every Tuesday (we'll see how this first Tuesday is). Yay to corporate worship! Haha. A reminder to learn to depend on God and on others, the principle being that no one can ever save himself.

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