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Something I wrote the day before my 21st birthday. This was me being afraid of adulthood, the future, uncertainty, responsibility, whatever. Still applies now, I think it could apply forever haha. I guess this isn't really travel or SEP related, but this blog has become a bit more than a travel blog. Never thought I'd see the day. Anyway, here it is, bear with me.

21 years lie behind me,
Stretched out along that crooked path.
Up small hills and over small streams
It totters, skips, crawls, twirls past
Verdant green and orange dust.
I turn and look ahead.

Immediately before:
The same old cobblestones
Lead up a short way, straight and broad,
A clear and open road,
But vanishes soon around a bend
And leaves me lost in thought again.

One can never tell from a distance
What sudden drops or rises,
Cold winds and cliffs
Are hidden from view on that path.
And beyond - who knows?
The unknown lies ahead,
There is no way back.
The way is barred
From retraced steps,
From hauntings of days long past.
So I press on, ending this brief respite;
I cannot not linger long.
Time - it urges me on.

What lies ahead?
Danger and turmoil, thirst and hunger?
Fear seeps in, cold and sharp,
Can that be all in store?

What lies ahead?
An unexpected flower, an oasis, a fellow traveler.
Hope is sprung, adventure beckons,
That kind of evens the score.

What lies ahead?
I don't have that knowledge in my head.
I'm just going to go and see,
I mean, it's just life, and eternity.

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