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Scotland! Oh joyful land of my youth. Okay, lots of my 'literary youth' was based in the UK, and not much in Scotland actually haha.

Pre-impression: Scotland is the rougher hardier more solid cousin of Ireland. With the same celtic glory but with less of the whimsy and more of the forthrightness.

We took an overnight bus from Victoria station to Glasgow, arrived rather groggily at noon on Monday. (blasted bus that I hit my head 4 times in) Looked for P's aunt, lo and behold a little spitfire of a woman!


Probably one of the best things that could have happened was staying with P's aunt and uncle. They live 2 hours by bus away from Edinburgh, in an ulu little area called Dumfries and Galloway, Moffat. It's so amazing, farmland everywhere. I absolutely love it! I wanted to do a farmstay while I was here but gave it up due to lack of time. So glad to stay with them, they have this gorgeous little cottage with 3 cats, 4 hens and the most gorgeous garden ever! A million different flowers and shrubs, all lovingly grown and tended to by the uncle. There are a multitude of bluebells, along with azaleas, rhododendrons, pine berries (look like strawberries, taste like pineapple), and deciduous and evergreen ____. That's not even half of it. And there's a vegetable garden too! Come autumn they will be almost self-sufficient with eggs, cabbage, long beans, rhubarb, carrots, potatoes, and quite a few other vegetables. M would love it here :)


Aunt and uncle (I shall just call them that here) are so wonderful. Uncle showed us around the garden and patiently and proudly told me the names of most of the plants. And later he let me come with him to put the hens in bed!!! (which means making sure they're in the coop, and closing the door to it for the night) and he also showed me the swallow nests on the underside of the roof! Aunt is lovely, she's an amazing cook and made chicken and haggis, with broccoli and potatoes, and a rhubarb and cream dessert. That was dinner. Lunch was potato and fruit salad and chicken and tuna sandwiches, but like nothing I'd ever had before. And tea was SCONES hehehehe what a yummy fatty day.


So anyway we got to their place just in time for lunch, then we all had a shower and p and I went for a walk while t was showering. Almost got some horses to say hi but they wouldn't come the final meter. I think it was the lack of food. And I baaaed to a lot of sheep and moooed to a lot of cows but yeah I'm not exactly Eliza Doolittle.


Lunch, use wifi, tea, and then t and p were too tired so I went out on a jaunt myself before dinner! Love going on walks myself actually, leaves space to explore, jump over stuff, look at slugs and frogs. Can go dangerously close to edges without anyone yelling at me to get back hahahaha. Came back, talked to uncle about the swallows (newly arrived from Africa!) and then had a scrumptious dinner. Discussed what to do in Edinburgh the next day, went to sleep with Archie the ginger on my feet : )


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Beautiful place! (but too many cats for my liking haha)

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