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A new start

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I spent a cold night at London Gatwick with my head on my small bag and arms around my big bag. I'd managed to find a fabric-covered seat with no arm rests! But in the early morning they opened the escalator area and that's how it got so cold.

Woke at 630, made my way through check in and baggage check. All was smooth. I looked for the gate info, however, and realised that my flight was delayed. No gate info til 910, for my 850 flight. I then heard about the French strike from TZ, whose flight had actually been cancelled. When I finally got onto the plane, I waited another hour or so til it finally got off the ground at 12. Meanwhile I sat like a boss with feet up on the seat, since the flight was pretty empty. Finished Euripides' Andromache, it was pretty cool but I think I'll try Trojan Women next time.

Met this African woman getting off the plane. She was from Gambia I think (a bit hard to tell through accent) but she was studying in London. She was limping slightly and was barely managing to carry her humongous pink bag. So I helped her haha, as far as the arrival gate. That was cool.

Got a bus to Plaza de la Catalunya, walked to my Airbnb accom which is right next to Santa Maria del Mar! Mariella is super nice. And her dog, Charlie the black pug, is soooo adorable. He lies down and snorts when I scratch him.

Note: it's so much warmer here! Yay. Can walk around in 3 layers and without the winter jacket. I'm a wuss though, I think my bro would be in a t shirt haha.

I went to have a walk around the area, it's really interesting how there are a multitude of tiny narrow streets that most people would hardly go down unless they had lots of time to explore like me. But even these dark dim streets had cool shops on them. Found some cheap eating places haha.

After I did some laundry (ie washed clothes I've been wearing for 2 weeks for the next 2 weeks), I went out to get dinner. I settled on this little takeaway sandwich place and chose the sandwich del dia (of the day) because it was the cheapest at 3 eur. At first I was a little sceptical, and wishing he'd put more pork on the grill. As he began to assemble my dinner, I began to appreciate the thoughtfulness with which he did everything.

First to go into the bread was the rocket salad. Then tomatoes, then grilled onions, a white sauce and a yellow sauce. The pork was next, followed by the toasted shitakes. He reached for the towkay, changed his mind, and put a dark sauce first before the towkay. Wrapped it all up in foil and paper and a plastic bag. When I got back, I had so much fun eating it, honestly. I appreciated how he seemed to put my sandwich together like it was an art, rather than how some people do it really fast out of habit. Okay that was completely random.

At this time I decided to use my googled Spanish phrases. Gracias, and a hesitant Buenos Tardes? In the end I was correct and that earned me smiles from the few Spaniards there. I really like to learn a few words in each country, it always gets people more comfortable with me. And helps me to feel like I'm not just a an outsider, a tourist.

TZ finally arrived at 1230am. I haven't seen him since December, and that was only my 3rd time meeting him haha. Many things to find out and adjust to, like how apparently he doesn't really need breakfast all the time (what seriously). I can't believe I'm travelling with two guys I've just met (although I will be seeing them often for the next 4 months), which is the opposite of the past 2 weeks: 2 girls I've known for 11 and 5 years. This will be interesting, it may be rocky, I hope I don't get very annoyed. I foresee a girls vs boys post in the future, but also a choose-your-travel-partners-well kind of post.

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