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semi-overcast 12 °C

Yesterday was an interesting evening where we just stayed at Owen's place and talked to these Irish people. They were hanging around drinking til they were to leave for the bar. But I think they only left at twelve plus lol. The two girls were younger than us by 2 or 3 years but seemed around the same age. They were really friendly and kept trying to make us go out for a drink haha even though we didn't really feel like it (E fell asleep after an hour, in the living room in her PJs with everyone talking so loudly). Taught us some Irish slang that for the life of me I can't remember anymore! According to them, most Irish people wouldn't really go and travel the world much. Didn't know that. The guys (who lived there) were really nice and funny, and gentlemanly, like they'll knock and wait everytime they want to come into the living room. Which technically is normal but it was nice.

Had a good rest, decided not to catch the earliest 8am bus to Dublin. Slept in a little, used the wifi, forgot to do some things I was supposed to do, left accom in a hurry. At the bus station we decided that we wanted to do a quick stop at Cashel which is on the X8 route to Dublin, but changed our minds because it's the same price (13) for any trip on the way, ie we'd have to pay 26 in total. So it's the 2pm Sandeman tour in Dublin!

It's a cloudy day today, has been since we left our accom and felt tiny droplets on our faces. The wiper on the bus has just rubbed noisily across the windshield. And I ask myself as I pass the scenery robbed of yesterday's gold, how do I like Ireland now? It's still beautiful, but doesn't have that golden glow of fantasy. But somehow it feels more wild and real that way.

Oh, and check out E's blog. The link is at the end of the right bar. I think it'll be an interesting read because she'll give a similar account of Belgium and most of Ireland but from a different perspective. Even if you don't know her and most of you don't.

Once off the bus we made a last ditch effort to catch the 2pm tour. City Hall (meeting place) is almost completely unknown to Dubliners, lucky some people knew, and lucky E had the itinerary of the tour. So we managed to catch them ten minutes late at Dublin castle. So glad we caught it, it was so fun and informative! Loved it. Sandeman tours, everyone, check it out. I wish I could write out the briefest briefest summary of Irish history here, but just Google it and the second link is pretty good. One cool thing I learnt: the shamrock (three leafed clover) was used by St Patrick to explain the Trinity.

Ended up in St Stevens Green, watched the ducks and swans, watched the seagulls swarm in, saw a few robins :) then off to find some dinner.

On the way we passed quite a number of street performers. First was some b-boys, that was fun. Then we saw this lame guy getting out of locked straightjacket, but he was taking forever, talking and trying to get some laughs, so we just left. A band, with a sign saying "Girlfriend(s) wanted" Hahaha.

Then we saw a restaurant at the corner, saying Irish Stew 7.95! We've been looking for affordable Irish stew since forever, and were thwarted once already at Tony's. So we went in and attempted to order it, but curses! Foiled again. They'd run out because of the high demand. We had something else though, it wasn't too bad. Chilled with the wifi. I mean I'm still here chilling with wifi, I guess chilling means blogging.

Soon we'll meet E's friend (staying with him tonight) and put our bags down, then go back out for a drink at O'Neil's hopefully. According to the tour guide, traditional Irish music there, which we gave up in Cork at Siné (shinnay) for the rock band at Charlies.

Need to get groceries for breakfast tomorrow and for my night at the airport. K bye.

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