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While Paris itself has a comprehensive metro and train system, the whole of Ireland has been made easy to travel by bus.

There are several operators but the cheapest we found was eireann, because it's not a direct 2 point bus but instead goes to many stops. As such, its service X8 got us from Dublin airport to Cork in 4 hours rather than 3, but I actually enjoyed the ride.

Ireland is really cold and damp, which means that the sky is permanently overcast and visibility is persistently poor. I like that though, sounds like the Ireland of the many books I've read! No wonder it's the setting of so many fantasy stories, that thick white mist looks like it hides so many secrets. (edit: misty and freezing in the mornings and nights only)

One of the places we went to en route was cahir castle. I didn't know that we would actually go there, so every time we followed a road sign pointing us to the castle, I cheered inside. We finally got there, and it looked older, more crumbly and more grim than gravensteen. I could totally imagine gruff Picts (or is that the Scots?) striding around in battle gear there. When the bus turned a corner around the castle, I could then see a river already rushing with spring snowmelt running alongside the castle wall. So. Cool.

It also surprises me how much the Irish language is represented here. I thought it would be like gaelic, which is hardly spoken or known, but I see Irish in lots of places, like road signs have both the Irish and English names.

If France is a graceful maiden dancing atop a hill, Ireland is a slim unruly Irish lad, looking over his shoulder as he disappears barefoot into the forest, green eyes full of mystery and mischief.

I think Ireland is one place I would come back to and spend a week to see the smaller places. If course, this is before really exploring even Cork and Dublin so perhaps spoken a little too soon. We shall see.

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