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Prague, City of Music

Technically that's not true. I think Vienna is. But that's what Prague was for me! I'll still remember the absolutely gorgeous Altstadt/old town most of all, how could anyone forget that. But coming in a close second were the amazing street performers. Out of the 4 that I watched, 3 were at least of semi professional level, and there were so many of those all around.

On Wednesday night I went back out and had dinner at a completely random faux Italian place. But then I went back to the main square, ostensibly to see the city at night (which I never got round to), but got sidetracked into watching more performers. I watched this guy try for a while, but he wasn't very good, and his mike didn't work, so he gave up and so did I.

Went over to the other side to watch this awesome older dude with a long red beard sing 'rock and roll' and old ballads. He was a born performer. After the young guy I understand now, and I also know that the guy in the afternoon was really good too.

It got darker and darker and on he sang with his guitar, til he was playing redemption song in front of a 9.30pm blue hour, and the crowd continued to gather and to ring around him. In the end he had multiple rows of rings 360 degrees around him. And everyone was just enjoying the warm summer night with the music and the wind, and the beautiful buildings lighted up around us.

And there was a guy with a go pro on a stick, who took a video of the guy and the audience, he said he's upload it to his YouTube account Jojo productions in about a week. Looking forward to that! And one of the last songs that was sung was walking in Memphis, it was stuck in my head for the rest of that wonderful night.

Thursday morning I headed out to the town square again and bought a ticket for the castle tour. 300 crowns, but by that time I just wanted to finish my money. Then I contemplated a decision between toy trains for my bros and I versus a nice lunch. In the end, loving sister that I am, I bought Thomas, percy and James for us, in respective age order. I actually don't know if we still have the original ones, I hope we don't or it will be lame when I give it to them haha.

I was early for the tour so I listened to this awesome band the Bohemian Bards, they were dressed rather appropriately and everything! And the music was so cool, one of them had an instrument that's kind of like a bagpipe but not. I don't know. Google the band, maybe you'll find out (I haven't yet). And I gave them the rest of my money, which was about 80 cents haha. Or was it more? I don't remember.

The castle tour was really interesting, it was a young British couple, an old (like grandparents old) Vietnamese couple, and the young Czech tour guide. About halfway through the Vietnamese couple wandered off for the last time and was never seen by us again, so we shrugged ours shoulders (after searching a short while) and then continued. Lol. But I had fun, the tour guide was cool. He plays the accordion in a band called circus problem (Facebook them) and actually had a gig later that day on a boat. Unfortunately I had a train to bratislava at 3.30pm, otherwise there was a very small chance that I might have gone haha. Very small, but a chance is a chance.

Walked over Charles Bridge, nothing spectacular but I can say I did it. Got my bag from the hostel and trudged to the train station, caught my train. Oh, and had a miserably small free sandwich that the hostel gives as part of breakfast.

Overall I really liked Prague. Absolutely gorgeous, and I think my personal experience with the music made it really special :)

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The summer wind

sunny 31 °C

I got to Prague at 7.30pm on Tuesday. It was an easy walk to the hostel, and then I ate at a recommended place, Lokal. They were out of pork neck so I had roast beef instead, with bread dumplings which are slices of white, more solid bread. And a dark, sweet Kozel. I think stout or dark beers are more to my taste, even if it makes me seem like an uncle hahaha. Light ones are usually weirdly bitter and taste like piss.

Read for a long while on the windowsill of the dorm, as light turned gold and then blue and then faded. Talked for a while to German guy in my bunk, showered, did exco stuff, and then attempted to sleep. It's so hot! And Europeans don't understand the use of a fan. E told me that even after spending so much time in Asia she still prefers to bear the sweltering heat without a fan. I'm speechless. But I finally got to sleep, it was a toss and turn sleep, I don't know why. And then I had a weird dream that I only remember partly.

Woke up, had a poor cereal breakfast (not even any ham or bread!) and then wandered out into the old city. Met a random Hungarian guy along the way who tagged along as I went for the free tour. He was a little strange though so when he left halfway through (why are they just talking about the Jews... Dude because we're in the Jewish quarter). I wasn't upset haha. Shared one of my stroopwafels with a Mexican girl and her brother. Had a good time but I was so tired and it was madly hot. The guide recommended me a little local cafeteria nearby, and told me he would be in sg for Christmas! Haha. And was jealous when I told him I live near the beach.

But anyway I had a nice cheap lunch of pork goulash with bread pudding and a light beer (it was gross, I chugged it partly). Relaxed, read a little.

At 3 I set off on a ten minute walk back to the hostel for a nap, but got sidetracked by a street musician at the old town square. I sat down amidst the crowd and just enjoyed it.

I was in the shade, and by that time the clouds had begun to roll in, and it was a little cooler. The warm, sweet summer wind had also arrived, and blew steadily on my skin. We watched the musician play, a pretty church lit by a golden sun rising up behind him, with little golden stars on the spires.

The musician, with his guitar, mike and speakers, was halfway through his set. He wasn't the best, but he was good enough, and it was amazing to just sit there on the cobblestones and know that the time was mine to while away. He played a few original songs, but also the scientist and iris, and ended his set with hallelujah. It was brilliant. I actually gave him money haha. In a really good mood as I walked away from that, summer on my mind.

And then I bought a postcard for myself, of a girl representing summer! She was rather languidly resting as befits a warm beautiful day, but with the blue sky and the fauna exuberant, and the cool water at her feet, it wasn't hard to imagine her suddenly rising from it to caper about in joy.

Back in the dorm, just resting on my bed, doing exco stuff, writing this blog, talked to an English-danish girl.

It's 6pm and much too late, I should go out to wenscelas square soon! For dinner I guess, but I'm so tired and lazy. We shall see. Tomorrow I suppose I'll do the castle tour (I drew too much money) and buy some stuff at the mall lol and then I'm off for my train to bratislava!

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