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So I couldn't wait a day to get this up, here it comes!

Our sandeman tour guide suggested and pointed out an area near the beach but not actually at the beach (touristy) where we could get some good paellas. So at 8pm we set off, and trawled the area for paellas. We thought we could get some for 15 shared, but turns out our info was wrong cos it was all 15 per pax. In the end we went back to this small cosy place we saw on the way even though it had no paella.

And what a good choice it was. When we returned we saw that there was a queue outside, and Singaporeans being Singaporeans that cemented its star status in our minds. I chatted in broken Spanish and English with some of the cute old men in the queue and they said it was a famous place actually with good and cheap seafood! So we were like Yay! And we joined the queue.

The food indeed was affordable, fish ranges between 5 and 8.50, meats 3 and 8. Fried vegetables 1.50 or 1.75.

We ordered
5 eur fried sardines (5 fishes)
8.50 eur small fried hake (4 fishes)
3 eur veal
1 eur bread with thin tomato sauce layer
1.50 eur fried tomato (6 medium halves)
1.80 eur estrella (30 cl x 2) for them
1.20 eur estrella (20 cl) for me

Super awesome okay. I wanted to die in happiness then, it was so good and tasty, and in the back of my head, inexpensive haha.

Everything was quite lightly salted etc, with minimum dressing. But it was so fresh and well cooked that it was just amazing! And the atmosphere of the place was relaxed, like and older but nice coffee shop. The food was very simple and no nonsense, with no sides apart from a lemon slice for the fish. Presented on plain white plates, obviously a bit old.

Very little conversation especially at the start, everyone was concentrating on and enjoying the food. It was delicioso! Mmmmm still thinking about that lovely friedness. I ate almost everything on that fish, ate all the small bones, ate as much of the crunchy head as I dared to.

It was so affordable. I wasn't supremely full after that to be honest, but I think paying another 1.75 for frites (still thinking in French) would have gotten me very nice and full. As it is, that's 8 eur spent very well.

So anyone who's ever in Barcelona, GO. Nearest metro is Barcelonata. It's on 12 Carrer del Baluard, probably called Can Mano.

Okayyy I'm gonna sleep now, my rave review is over.

Oh but PS there was a musical group that came in around 9 plus. A guy on trumpet, one with accordion, last with a drum. They were playing what a wonderful world, that was nice. But layer they started offering a hat around and I'm like oh. Touting. Oh well.

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