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Rainbows, leprechauns and pots of gold

semi-overcast 10 °C

Continuing from yesterday (Sunday) night, we met up with J, E's friend in Macs at O Connel Street. Took a bus back to his place which is super nice! Lives somewhat on the outskirts of town (35min walk) in the backyard of his landlady. Literally. It's a little shed thing at the back that is basically one big room plus a toilet but it's so nice. Has his own kitchen, TV, small living room, and his bed is a double decker. Queen size below and single on top.

I really wanted to listen to live traditional Irish music but once we got there, everyone just nua-ed. Even I did a bit but basically no one else wanted to go to O Neill :( so we had a nice time just talking and relaxing there. J even brought out homemade Irish stew (real name of this Dublin version is Cobble) from a church potluck he'd been to earlier. It was so yummy! Made us want to get Irish stew even more. Went to the nearby Tesco to get food. I've got 5 bagels for today's dinner and tomorrow's breakfast. Took turns to shower, planned out the next day, went to sleep.

Woke up at around 9, and went out. After a bit if mix up when we walked an entire round around the city even though the place was at our start point, we managed to get to the food market. Unfortunately it wasn't bustling and outdoor like Cork was, instead there were just a few shops selling relatively upmarket stuff. I bought rosehip jam for AM, because according to the shopkeeper some people thought they might be able to get something relatively solid through customs.

Walked to the center of the city, attempted to find a spot to watch the parade from. S and I climbed up a statue (it was mad. Every climbable thing around was crowded with people) and accidentally met S's exchange friend there. We watched from a precarious position, from which some part was always threatening to cramp due to the effort to stay there. Parade was relatively fun, there were different marching bands and floats and stuff. What was really fun though was just the general atmosphere because almost everyone was in green, or had their faces painted, or had st paddy's hats, scarves sweatshirts, jewellery, you name it you got it.

Unfortunately I began to feel a bit weak for some reason so I changed my position slightly to be more stable, squashed between the statue and the wall. Then gradually my vision went white and I found it hard to breath or to control my arms. I spent the next 5 or 10min leaning my head and arms on the statue, forcing myself to breath against the tightness of my chest. I felt so faint. I could vaguely hear but it was muffled and far away. And I suddenly felt very warm, I was sweating. Eventually feeling and vision came back to me. I was wiggling my fingers and arms to attempt to get blood into them. It was all buzzy for a while, pins and needles. Then when that was gone I slowly climbed down and rested.

I don't know what that was but it was quite scary and I'm so glad S was there. At least someone to know what was going on. Mum, in case you're wondering, I don't think it was asthma because I don't have a drop of phlegm in me right now. Maybe I should eat more. I don't know, and hope nothing like that happens again.

We found E and J and found a restaurant that served Irish stew. Between the 5 of us (including M) we had 2 stews, half a roast chicken, and beef cooked in Guinness. Mmmm so yummy. Hot food. Later on people began to stream into the restaurant and the waiters began to pressure us to pay and leave, even though we'd practically inhaled the food anyway. But we figured the parade had just ended so we paid and left so that they could free up the space. Wheee finally got Irish stew! It's basically beef or lamb slow cooked in gravy with carrots and potatoes and celery.

As we walked down the street in the cold, we were so happy because we had hot yummy food in our stomachs. And we'd beat the crowd.

Chilled at J's place, then S, M and I split. S has a plane slightly earlier than mine, and M wanted to explore longer because his flight was only the next morning. Meanwhile E's bus only leaves at 8olus from the city centre so she stayed longer.

At check in, my rosehip jam didn't make it through. The lady said even pastes don't get through. But for some reason she let my achar through, I'm thinking out of pity haha. Two down, one to go.

J was so nice by the way. He actually didn't know E all that well but he shares common good friends with E in NUS. He gave up his Queen sized bed for us to sleep in, he let us eat his Cobble! And even though he hadn't felt like going out today (too crowded) he came with us anyway. So, wink wink, you know who you are.

I can't believe I'm saying good bye to Ireland so quickly. I've pretty much only been to Cork, Kinsale and Dublin. And I didn't even explore Dublin properly cos M was saying he went to Croke Stadium and got to see people (playing) hurling! And other sports too, so that was cool.

I think Ireland... Is lovely for a road trip around the country or something. By bus la maybe. But I'd definitely do a lot of hiking here one day, preferably in late spring or early summer. I want to roam around the forests. So prettyyyyyyy. The people are friendly even if they do drink a lot (maybe that's a st paddy's day generalisation) and they speak English!

One thing I realised I missed out from the previous day's tour summary. The Irish are required to learn Irish in schools. And a lot of professions like err lawyers? I think have to be fluent in Irish or something like that. That's the government's way of keeping the language alive, and although maybe it wouldn't be very fun at first (think Chinese.) I think it's a fantastic effort.

Also, Lisa the tour guide was telling us about how there was a war between the Irish and the English in the city a long time ago. At one point they were fighting across St Stephens Green with their rifles and what not. For the the next 8 days, there was a ceasefire for a short while each day while the park rangers fed the ducks and swans! Can you believe it. Only in Ireland haha.

It's 7.15pm now after typing all that (so long), my flight's not til 850 so i have lots of time. My cold bagel dinner is calling, I bid you adieu.

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