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The English language is like London: proudly barbaric yet deeply civilised, too, common yet royal, vulgar yet processional, sacred yet profane. 

- Stephen Fry

First impression of London: inefficient. They overbooked the buses from Stansted to London! I ended up missing my 1pm tour sigh.

Beyond that, it's a very strange and interesting mix if old and new, even more so than in an other country I've been to. EG the guy had to print out and staple a ticket and a receipt (that he kept) when he was doing our oyster cards for us. I mean, if you're gonna be contactless and electronic why not go the whole way? And the City feels like that too, that cabs are slightly ancient looking (which I love) and the streets look old too, when the tarmac and cars are disregarded. I could almost see black beauty and ginger straining with their loads, and Oliver twist running away.

Finally met up with z and p. Met yz for Burger and lobster. Very yummy lobster, but paid 20 pounds for it sigh.

Went shopping, sort of at top shop and primark. Went back to shower and sleep. Did some research, created exco WhatsApp group.

Woke up early at 8 to shower, do more research. And wanted to have my free breakfast but thwarted. Sad. Angry. I wanted food. A lot of food. For free. Oh well.

So the plan for London second day was 11am sandeman, 2pm Bricklane, 4pm natural history museum, 6pm goldmine dinner, drinks after.

Here's what actually happened:

P and I went out to get breakfast (got the timing wrong and missed the free breakfast, I was very angry about that haha), ended up at a 5 pound 'English breakfast' that we sped through so that we could make the 11am sandeman. Made it, even a bit early, stared at the moleskin shop longingly while avoiding the customary group photo. Interesting tour as usual. Realised that there wouldn't be enough time to do all that we wanted and also we decided that we might want to do another (paid) tour.


So we ended up taking a bus to Liverpool Street station, and walked a really long time in the hot (actually hot!) sun to Bricklane. And finally made it at 4pm lol. Bought a bunch of stuff for relatively low prices (jacket for two pounds hehehe) and then everything began closing (at 5pm) so we tapaoed dumplings and fried rice and teriyaki chicken for our early dinner. Then met t, z, and d at the green patch to hang and eat our dinner. Sun was still shining, someone was playing reggae, a million people hanging out on the grass. Nice.


P and I rushed back off for our 6.30pm grim reaper tour. After some (more) detours we made it on time and rested our weary limbs for a mere 5 min before the tour started. Very interesting, it was about death in London, and that included plagues, hangings and murders (ie jack the ripper). Then back to the hostel where we'd left our bags, waited downstairs in the lounge for t to return, and watched 21 jump Street in the lounge while waiting for our 1am bus. Unfortunately we had to leave halfway. I need to finish it!


Weary way to Victoria coach station, had my 7 chicken wings! The guy gave me an extra piece, don't know if it was by accident or he was just being nice :) or if he just had a lot of leftovers that he couldn't sell finish haha. But okay, a bit gluttonous, should have only gotten 3. Oh well, good supper. It was even spicy, haven't had chilli in ages.

London is a city I would actually return to. There's so much to do and see there! Unlike some other cities in can think of haha.

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