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Woke up early on Sunday intending to climb. I don't know why. I'd planned on it the night before. So I woke up early to get to the gym at 8. When I woke up I was still tired from not sleeping enough, and I also decided to go to a museum instead of to the gym! Haha. That made much more sense.

So I got out, got to Frauenhofstrasse and walked to the Deutsches Museum. It was a very peaceful walk, along the Isar. It was about 9 plus, there were only some cars on the road and some runners and cyclists. Shady beneath the green trees lining the banks of the river. Let me repeat, it was a very nice walk , so peaceful and serene. Ironic how on the first day I'd tried to enjoy greenery but somewhat failed because I was tired and it was cold. Then on a random day I end up finding what I had sought. To me, that's partly what travel is about.

There was a memorial to something near the museum

Museum map with scribbled notes on what I want to concentrate on and roughly times to get to places
Cool clocks!

Okay so I spend many hours at the museum. It's a science and tech museum, let me tell you, I got bored. There was fun stuff like the two heat imaging devices, that was really fun hahahaha but I don't need to see Carnot engines and machine elements and computer chips and engines and astronomical stuff I don't understand. Along the way I got a little jaded, like THERE IS NO MEANING IN SCIENCE until I got to the pharmaceutics area. There I was reminded that science reflects society in so many ways, and it's not just what's in history and sociology books that reflect that. So I tried to appreciate everything a little more haha.

At the maps section. Reflecting a different world view.

Porcelain eye!!!
At the environment section, a solar collection system. They all reflect towards the collector tower. This was cool cos I'm learning about it in my renewable energy module.
The mirror of a big reflector haha
thermal imaging device #2, with temperature monitor too!
model train
thermal imaging device #1
carbon fibre is really really light

Then I met the rest at the Altes Pinakothek, until they decided they'd rather go to the modern Pinakothek. So there's an old, a new, and a modern Pinakothek. The age they focus on are in that order from past to present. The modern Pinakothek consisted of architectural pieces, paintings, drawings, and sculptures, and furniture design. It was not too bad, and although we laughed at some of the paintings like the uncultured neanderthals that we are, some of them were really pretty. The architecture stuff was cool but I only took photos for KK haha. Furniture was kinda bla I guess, nothing really spectacular.

Greetings monkey


Ended off the day at a Chinese restaurant haha. First Chinese place I've been to here, I had lamb soup with carrots and potatoes and then FRIED RICE woohooooo. Then I chilled at their hostel for a while and headed back to mine.


While there M and I discussed for the longest time ever whether to go to the Dachau concentration camp with Ms, L and WH, or to sit on the Alpsee Bergwelt Alpine Coaster!!!!!!!!! Honestly I've been looking forward to the coaster ever since S told me about it last year. The longest in Germany, and one of the longest in the world, and the chance to have a different experience from others by not braking??? Would've loved to. Unfortunately it's far away and pretty hard to get to, whereas Dachau can be reached by the S bahn and entry is free. Sigh. Maybe if I'd stayed an additional day? Sigh. Next time I MUST go. :'(

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