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How to watch Wimbledon


The Queue

1. Arrive at Southfields station early, like 7am
2. Walk ten min to the start of the queue while trying to overtake people on the way
3. Get into queue and get a queue ticket and be happy about it then realise that it's the ticket for the queue and not for the tournament
4. Sit/lie/sleep on the grass while waiting several hours to get close to the entrance
5. Wish you'd brought a mat because it's a beautiful warm sunny morning
6. Wish you'd brought a poncho or an umbrella because it's a miserable rainy cold late morning
7. Worry about losing your thermos flask because they explicitly say no thermos flasks allowed
8. Be relieved when the security guards don't really care that much
9. Hand over 20 pounds quite willingly because WIMBY
10. Rush over to the court of your choice (that'd you'd already chosen based on the order of play the night before)

The Other Queue

1. Realise that even a match of small fry will have a crazy queue (even if it was a significant and pretty awesome match of kyrgios vs vesely)
2. Squish into the staircase leading to the seating area of 3 rows and try to see the court
3. Rejoice when some people leave and you can squish in deeper and then comfortably see half the court
4. Be a little bit slow on the uptake when a point is scored because you can't see the other player
5. Feel sad when it starts to rain again

When it Rains
1. Head over to center court to pee
2. Try to get in as far as possible
3. See Nadal from under a guy's armpit and take pictures that way, even if you can't really make out his face from that distance
4. Finally give up and go out to buy a wimby poncho
5. Queue to get into main store. Manage to grab the last one in the store, then queue to pay
6. Head over to Murray mount for the atmosphere

Just Choose a Court
1. Just choose a court eg court 3 is a good idea
2. Sit down comfortable and dry in the rain in a poncho and watch Sharapova own Riske on the big screen
3. Fall asleep for most of the match
4. Wake up when the rain stops and the ball kids begin to prep the court for play
5. Cheer when ball kids come out
6. Cheer when cover comes off
7. Cheer when person comes out to check the grass
8. Cheer when umpire comes out
9. Cheer when line judges come out
10. Wait impatiently for more to happen
11. Cheer when players come out
12. Enjoy the match!
13. Wait impatiently for the next match
14. Wonder why everyone is leaving when the next match is Lopez vs Isner
15. Groan when 2 young girls appear on court
16. Watch some of it but shift seats to watch the other matches over the side of the court (ie nishikori vs bolleli and jerzy vs robredo)
17. Get chased out at end of match
18. Attempt to watch other matches through people's heads
19. Leave when play stops because of the setting sun
20. Crowd into the train
21. Be very very tired but still blog while charging phone because WIMBY and also there are only 2 plugs in the room and also you forgot to bring your sd card so you have to use your phone to take photos
22. Go to sleep wwithout showering

Actual Tips
1. Bring a poncho unless you're prepared to come with an umbrella and waterproof jacket and pants and shoes
2. Bring a mat to queue and sit on Murray mount
3. Bring lots of food
4. Bring extra things to be warm in
5. Look through order of play the day before and strategise, unless you have data
6. Consider if you are aiming for resale tickets and prepare to queue for it (court 18, depending on weather, start as early as 12)
7. Be prepared for disappointing London weather

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